Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats? – Is Cat Food Harmful to Dogs? [2022]

We are not pointing paws here, but if you have a cat and a dog at your place, you might have had accidents where one pet eats the other’s food. While it is not common that cats and dogs don’t fit well, there are many examples where cats and dogs are best friends in one household. However, this does not mean that one pet can go to the other pet’s bowl. As a pet parent, you might have wondered many times whether ‘can dogs eat cat treats?’

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Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats?

Maybe. While there is nothing toxic in cat food and treats, dogs should not be eating them as a regular meal. So, if you have two pets under the same roof, ensure that their food is kept apart and unapproachable. Dogs are supposed to be fed differently than cats. While cats can control how much they want to eat dogs, they do not have that kind of self-control. They eat whatever they get. So while your dog can eat cat treats, it should not eat much of it.

How Are Cat Treats And Dog Treats Different?

The main reason why you should not give your dog cat treats is that they have very different nutrition. Dividing treats by species is to provide essential dietary supplements to each species without harming them. Cats are carnivorous, while dogs are omnivorous. Therefore their nutritional requirements are different.

Cat treats are made with higher protein and meat-based products. On the contrary, dogs can have two types of treats veg and nonveg. One of the main reasons that dogs are attracted to cat treats is because they are loaded with meat.

Cats don’t chew their food. They swallow most of it. Therefore, they prefer freshly killed prey. Dogs like to chew treats and bones. Therefore cat treats are made in a mushy and liquid form, whereas dog treats are made in a hard and chewy form.

What Happens If Your Dog Eats Cat Treats?

As discussed, cat treats do not inherently harm dogs. However, if you make it a habit in your household to feed your dog cat treats, it will negatively impact your dog’s health. Your dog will be prone to obesity, gastrointestinal diseases, pancreatitis, and other life-threatening conditions if exposed to cat treats regularly. Cat treats do not provide the correct nutrition to a dog and, therefore, should be avoided being fed to them. If your dog eats too many, it will experience symptoms like weakness, vomiting, and appetite loss. Therefore, you should keep cat treats separate from your dog.

Things to remember when feeding your dog cat treats:

Cat treats are safe for dogs; however, this does not mean they do not impact your dog’s health.

  1. Don’t Feed Cat Regularly Treats: ensure that your dog does not inculcate the habit of eating cat treats regularly. Since cat treats are made differently for cats, they have different nutrition.
  2. Use The 10% Rule: treat should only be 10% of the daily food that your dog takes. This means you should feed your dog a limited number of treats daily. While giving your dog cat treats, calculate how many treats you can give them per their daily calorie intake.
  3. Read Ingredients: many cats treats contain harmful and toxic substances for dogs. They contain onion, garlic, and other chemicals that could negatively impact your dog’s health. Additionally, cat treats are high in fat content and, therefore, could lead to pancreatitis or weight gain in dogs.

Is Catnip Safe For Dogs?

Catnip is an excellent food for calming your cats. It is a plant from the mint family that you can serve to cats that have anxiety or are too energetic. It instantly calms cats down. Even though there is not much research on this topic, many pet parents claim that dogs get very calm after eating catnip. So, if your dog consumes catnip from the garden, do not panic or worry. Instead, observe them for any adverse symptoms.

Can Cat Treats Make Your Dog Sick?

Even though that treats do not have any adverse symptoms in dogs, it is best kept away from them. Dogs should not be given cat treats regularly since they do not suit dogs very much. So overeating cat food can make your dog sick and give symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, gastrointestinal diseases, weight gain, and pancreatitis.


Like we said, eating accidents happen in many pet households. If your dog ran away with a few of your cat treats, it should not be a problem for their stomach. Even though you might have a little chitter-chatter amongst your pets because of the stolen food, keep in mind that dogs can get sick by eating cat treats. Both cats and dogs have different digestive systems, and therefore, they should be kept away from each others food. Keep in mind: 

  • The nutrition that a cat needs is very different from a dog. This means that treats can cause obesity and pancreatic problems in dogs.
  • Please keep your dog’s and cat’s bowl apart so that it is not approachable by your dog.
  • Give your dog a healthy diet and keep them away from the cat food.


Can Dogs Eat Temptations Cat Treats?

There is no harm in eating Temptation cat treats. So, if your dog runs the way with a couple of temptation cat treats, it is ok. Let them have it. However, this should not be made a habit for your dog. Since cat treats do not fit well with dogs, you should avoid feeding your dog cat treats.

Can Dogs Eat Churu Cat Treats?

Churu cat treats are safe for dogs. However, they should not be made a habit. Cat treats are high in fat and, therefore, can negatively impact your dog’s weight.

Can Dogs Eat Dreamies Cat Treats?

You should avoid feeding your dog any cat treats; however, if your dog runs away with a bunch of dreams cat treat once, it doesn’t matter. Consumption of Cat treats over a long period can negatively impact your dog’s health.

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