Dog Ate Glass?-What Should You Do ?

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Over 320,000 pets in the US were exposed to Something poisonous or dangerous in 2021 and called the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline for help. That’s over 876 per day. ~ASPCA

As humans, we all know what’s best for us to eat and what’s not. However, dogs lack this ability and eventually chew/gulp everything.

So, if the answer to your question ‘Did Your Dog Ate Glass’ is YES, you must worry and think about what to do.

There is no doubt that glass shards can lead to various problems for your dog – from digestive issues to cuts in the stomach and intestine.

So, what should we do if your dog ate a glass? Don’t worry! This blog will help you know what to do if this happens. But first, let’s discuss all the symptoms your dog might experience after eating glass shards.
Symptoms your dog ate glass

If the pieces of glass are small, they’ll most likely pass through your dog’s GI tract just fine. However, if the glass piece is larger, look out for these signs:

Your dog will bleed from the mouth at least slightly as glass shards are sharp and can cause cuts. However, ensure there isn’t excessive bleeding.
Take your dog to the vet immediately if blood starts showing up in your dog’s stool.

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Some other symptoms that your dog can experience are:

Lethargy – If your dog has eaten glass, it may become increasingly unresponsive.

Lack of Appetite – If there is inflammation in the dog’s intestines, it may not eat actual food.

Abdominal Pain or Inflammation – Since glass is indigestible, it can cause abdominal pain or inflammation.

Ulceration – If the glass doesn’t pass through the intestines, it may cause ulcerations.

Constipation – Inflammed stomach can make your dog feel constipated.
All these symptoms suggest there is Something wrong with your dog.

There might be a blockage, cut, or puncture in your furry friend’s digestive tract. In such a situation, your dog needs immediate attention. So, don’t forget to call a vet without any delay. There might be a chance that your dog needs surgery to remove glass shards.

What Next if Your Dog Eats Glass?

Firstly, check your dog’s mouth, lips, and tongue for blood. It will help you know whether the glass shards have injured your dog. Varying on the shape and size of the glass piece, your dog may simply be at risk for some minor cuts in the mouth. In this case, the glass piece will make its way through the dog’s gastrointestinal tract with minimum or even no damage.

The next thing you should do is list all the locations that appeared to be injured and then call your vet. Don’t try to induce vomiting in your dog as it may cause more damage.

Your vet may advise giving some specific foods that can encase and cushion the glass shards, preventing them from causing more injuries as they go through your dog’s digestive tract.

  • A piece of bread
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
  • These foods are all soft and quickly lose shape, making them ideal for cushioning any potentially sharp edges.

Why is Inducing Vomiting Not Ideal if Your Dog Eats Glass?

If your dog eats a broken glass, the vet won’t recommend inducing vomiting in your furry friend. This is because the vomiting’s force and pressure could lead the glass to cause more damage to your canine.

We hope this blog will ease your worries and let your know what you should do if your dog eats glass. Unfortunately, few things go together as often as dogs and eat Something they shouldn’t, so it happens to everyone. Thankfully, because it’s a common enough occurrence, we know how to handle it when it happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How Would I Know if My Dog has Swallowed Glass?

Call a vet immediately if your dog shows any signs such as blood in the stool, lethargy, straining to defecate, abdominal pain, or lack of appetite.

FAQ 2: Can Dogs Survive Eating Glass?

If the injuries are minor, your dog can survive after eating glass. However, in case of severe injuries, the risk of death increases.

FAQ 3: What Happens if Your Dog Swallows Small Shards of Glass?

If the glass shards are small, there are chances that pieces will pass through your dog’s stool, causing minimum or no damage. However, if the shard is large or sharp, it can get stuck and lead to a puncture in your dog’s digestive tract.

FAQ 4: How Long Will it Take my Dog to Pass Something he Eats?

Your dog usually takes between 10 and 24 hours to pass down Something he has eaten. Some objects, however, can remain in the stomach for more extended periods, even months.

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