Dog Ate Squeaker – Things You Must Do To Pass A Squeaker

What next if a dog ate a squeaker?

I think my dog ate a squeaker!! Don’t know what to do?

You might have encountered a similar situation once in a lifetime.

Undoubtedly, toys are entertaining objects. But simultaneously, some of them can be hazardous to our beloved pets. The issue is that certain toys are constructed of thin materials, like plastic or cloth, that may be eaten, damaged, or destroyed. When a dog tears open a toy, many puppies prefer to perform a “squeakectomy” on the object.

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What is a Squeaky Toy?

What is a Squeaky Toy?

The squeaker is often a little piece of plastic formed like a bladder with a small aperture on one side. The gap includes a mechanism similar to a whistle. The bladder fills with air and produces the notorious squeaking sound when pressing the toy.

These little bladder devices can be chewed or eaten whole. The squeaking gadget might be a choking danger, resulting in suffocation. It can also become trapped in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in bowel blockage. Both of these situations are classified as medical emergencies.

Why Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

Your dog may love their squeaky toy for several reasons, but most dog behavior experts believe that the three primary reasons dogs prefer squeaky toys are hunting instincts, chewing, and the sound itself.


Many squeaky toys are tiny, soft, and designed like something a dog would naturally want to seek. The squeaking sound they create may even be similar to the alarm sounds made by wild prey. This might explain why hunting breeds have a stronger preference for noisy toys than non-hunting types.


Another reason your dog could like squeaky toys is the squeak itself. When your dog bites down on their favorite toy and immediately hears a squeak, they get instant enjoyment.

This can result in anything resembling a positive feedback loop. Hearing the squeaking sound may cause dopamine production from your dog’s brain’s reward region. Your dog may continue to squeak its squeaky toy to re-experience the dopamine surge.


Finally, your dog could prefer their squeaky toy because they adore chewing on stuff. This is undoubtedly true for pups that are teething. Different dogs may have distinct chewing texture preferences similar to cats and scratching. Puppy tethers may appreciate softer rubber toys.

What To Do If My Dog Ate a Squeaker?

What To Do If My Dog Ate a Squeaker?

As usual, it is critical to call a veterinarian as soon as possible, whether by phone or in person, if any subsequent issues arise. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Notify your veterinarian as soon as possible: It is critical to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to determine what steps to take.

  • They could ask you, “How large was the squeaky toy?”
  • How long had it been since it had ingested the object?
  • Has your dog puked or pooped within that period?
  • Is there anything pointy or rough on the toy’s edges?
  • What is the weight of your dog?

These questions are typically asked to determine the next course of action.

For example, it would be tough to persuade the owner to force the dog to vomit, but the object’s sharp edges would wind up causing much more damage than what has already been done.

Your veterinarian will inform you that you have around two hours before the toy enters the digestive tract and advise you on what to do.

Step 2: Inspect the dog’s mouth and throat.

The best way is a dog’s mouth inspection to see if the toy is visible. If it is, you can check if you can access it with the help of your veterinarian. If feasible, it is critical to be as delicate and cautious as possible.

This is done to avoid scaring and injuring your dog. One must also maintain as much stillness as possible to minimize the possibility of it traveling deeper down your throat.

Step 3: Determine whether your dog is choking on the squeaker.

If you see your dog is choking on the squeaker and there is no way to remove it, you must immediately execute the Heimlich procedure.

Step 4: Do not induce vomiting

As previously said, if the object is sharp, it may wind up injuring the dog when it comes up. If the item is oversized or irregular in shape, it may cause choking.

If your veterinarian has permitted you to induce vomiting, you can use the following method:

To make your dog puke, give him two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. If they aren’t as eager to consume it, you might combine it with milk and feed it to your dog.

Allow the dog to wander about and move after feeding her the milk mixed with two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. This will allow the stomach contents to mix up in her stomach. Allow your dog to vomit.

How To Stop Your Dog From Swallowing Squeaky Toys?

How To Stop Your Dog From Swallowing Squeaky Toys?

If you’re aware that your dog has a habit of ripping up their toys in record time, keep toys out of reach before you leave or if you are unable to oversee them, and constantly supervise play.

The best way to prevent your dog from swallowing a squeaky toy in the first place is to keep them out of reach. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely prevent dogs from chewing on things, so it is a very real hazard that will always exist.

However, participating in your dog’s playtime may also have a significant effect. These are the times when you can bond with your dog, make sure they’re burning off energy, killing boredom, occupying their wits, and making sure nothing unfamiliar is consumed. Playing with you rather than alone makes gameplay a lot more enjoyable.

Wrapping Up!

Did you know? If a dog ate plastic squeaker or rubber parts, it might be fatal. It is always critical to supervise your dog while playing with a new toy. One must inspect toys regularly for rips or tears that might cause them to fall apart or be eaten.

Plush toys with holes should be discarded, or the hole should be sewn up to prevent your dog from eating any filling material.

Toys made of damaged plastic or rubber should be discarded. Toys made of rigid plastic might develop rough edges after being eaten.

Toys with rough edges that might damage your dog should be discarded. When your dog is playing with a toy, always keep an eye on him.

Frequently Asked Questions On – Dog Ate Squeaker

Why Did a Dog Ate a Squeaker Out of a Toy?

Dogs use their noses and lips to investigate the world, determining what is edible and what is not. During this neuron sensory investigation, dogs may consume items they should not, such as toys, rocks, pebbles, mud, or wood.

Is It Bad If a Dog Ate a Plastic Squeaker?

Absolutely! Small amounts of fluff may typically pass through your dog’s system unnoticed, but it’s preferable to prevent the possibility of ingestion completely. Keep a close eye on your dog when they have plush in their possession, and throw it away when the stuffing first emerges or they start pulling chunks off. If your dog is gouging off bite-sized portions, the same applies to rubber or nylon toys.

Is It Possible For a Dog to Pass a Squeaker?

If you suspect your dog has eaten a toy or squeaker and has a blockage, search for the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Lethargy

How Long Does a Puppy Take to Pass Squeakers?

When your dog consumes anything, it usually takes 10-24 hours to pass through the whole digestive tract. On the other hand, some things might take much longer – even months! Objects too large to pass through the digestive tract might produce a blockage.

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