Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes? What You Need To Know

While feeding food to our dogs, our priority is to serve them a highly nutritious meal and give them a pleasant palate. Plain rice cakes have earned the name of being a famous pet food.

But our concern is can dogs eat rice cakes? Are they safe for your dogs?

Let’s read this article to determine whether rice cakes are healthy for your dogs or not.

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Are Rice Cakes Safe For Your Dogs?

The answer is YES. You can feed rice cakes to your dogs, provided they are plain (free from flavors and ingredients that can be toxic for your dog). Also, it would be best if you fed them in moderation. Moreover, it would be best to feed rice cake to your dog as an occasional snack and the ones that are gluten and sugar-free.

Rice cakes form a vital part of a dog’s meal.

Rice is a common ingredient in most commercial dog foods. Rice is added to increase the nutritional value of dog formulations. The correct type of rice can be nutritious for our furry friends. Howsoever, few plain rice cakes have refined white rice, adding no nutritional value for the dogs.

Some rice cakes have harmful ingredients, like chocolate, onions, and garlic which are toxic for dogs. If your dog ate a rice cake with one of these ingredients, it’s best to consult with your vet immediately.

Are Rice Cakes Healthy For Your Dogs?

Your dog can indeed eat rice cakes, but this doesn’t mean it is healthy for your dog. Let’s discuss this in detail:

Rice Cakes – High in Calories

Rice cakes are high in calorie content, making them a wrong choice if you’re worried about your dog’s health. A high-calorie food can make your dog feel lazy and lethargic, leading to fat and obesity in your dog.

Rice Cakes – Low in Nutritional Value

Rice has very little nutritional value once it gets refined. If you check the food label of rice cakes, you will not find much nutritional value with a small number of minerals, proteins, and vitamins like vitamin B and vitamin D. This means rice cakes do not add any value to your dog’s diet.

Rice Cakes – Good Source of Carbohydrates

Plain rice cakes with no added salt or spices can be healthy for dogs. Rice cakes prepared from brown rice or wholegrain rice contain a good amount of carbohydrates, providing more energy to your dogs. These rice cakes have a higher fiber quotient, helping dogs with digestion and bowel movements.

Rice Cakes – The Higher Quantity of Sodium

The rice cakes you buy from stores have a higher amount of sodium that can be bad for your pet. A high amount of sodium can cause dehydration in your furry friend. Some other health issues that your furry friend can experience are diarrhea and vomiting.

Rice Cakes – High Glycemic Index

Food with a high glycemic index can be unhealthy for your dogs. It can cause a hike in the blood sugar levels of your pet in no time.

Rice Cakes – Contains Added Sugar

Rice cakes contain added sugar and other chemicals that help them last longer. These chemicals can be fatal for your pets.

It’s safe to feed your pets rice cakes, but give them a moderate amount. Moderation is necessary as too many rice cakes can lead to various health issues like diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, etc.

How can you feed rice cakes to your dogs?

If you’re feeding rice cakes to your dog for the first time, consult beforehand with your vet. Start with providing them in small quantities to get your dog used to the rice cake taste. In this case, you can also take on-time measures if your dog experiences any health issues. Also, break the rice cakes into smaller pieces, especially if your dog belongs to the small breed category, so it doesn’t choke on them.

Side effects of refined rice cakes on dog’s health

Not all rice cakes are healthy for our furry friends, as some contain harmful or toxic ingredients and have low nutritional value. Let’s look at the ingredient that is termed unhealthy for our dogs.

Refined White Rice

All rice cakes don’t contain brown rice as their main ingredient. Most of the commercial brands use plain white rice for dog formulations. The problem with plain white rice is that the outer layer gets removed, and with that, it loses most of its nutritional value.

White rice has less protein, nutrients, and fiber than brown rice. It contains a high glycemic index responsible for causing blood glucose imbalance. Blood sugar can increase rapidly and make your dog prone to being diabetic or overweight. So, make sure not to feed your dog with white refine rice if it has diabetes.

Wrapping up

So after going through the details, you must have determined that your dogs can eat rice cakes in small quantities. Moreover, rice cakes should be plain ones that don’t contain any added salt or toxic substances that can harm your dog’s health. Many rice cakes have chocolate, garlic, onion, chili, and other poisonous substances. Their small amount can be fatal for your pet. And we don’t want that; we want our four-legged furry friend to live a happy and healthy life with us, just like our family members or friends.

FAQ: Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes

Can Dogs Eat Rice Cakes?

Rice cakes are safe for your furry friends as long as they’re plain and low in sodium. You can also spread peanut butter on the rice cakes to make them taste better.

Is it Okay to Feed my Dog Rice Cakes Every Day?

Rice cakes are high in carbohydrates, leading to weight gain in your dogs. As long as your dog maintains a healthy weight, it’s okay to feed rice cake to your dog, but don’t overdo it.

Can Dogs be Allergic to Rice Cakes?

Yes, it is possible. It would be best to stop feeding rice cakes as snacks to your dogs in such a case. Some of the symptoms that show your dog is allergic to rice cakes are loss of hair, rashes and itchy skin, upset stomach, chronic ear infections, obsessive chewing, and licking paws.

Do Rice Cakes Cause Constipation in Dogs?

Yes, rice cakes can cause some health issues in your dogs, including constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, and more. Some rice cake products can even be more harmful as they contain a high amount of sugar, high sodium levels, artificial flavors, and drizzles of chocolate.

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