Can Dogs Have Bean Sprouts? Are Sprouts Toxic to Dogs? – 2022

Are you considering modifying your dog’s diet? And had thought of adding more nutritional value to the old and flimsy diet? If yes, you might need to change their routine by adding sprouts to their diet, but can dogs have mung bean sprouts? And is it safe to feed them every day? Find it out in this article.

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Can Dogs Have Bean Sprouts?

Yes, your dog can have bean sprouts which contain all the fibers and proteins required for growth. In addition, dogs need calcium, fats, amino acids, and vitamins like A, B, and E to maintain a healthy digestive system, and fortunately, bean sprouts provide all of it. So your dog might love the change and prefer eating bean sprouts as long as you serve them.

How are Bean Sprouts Good for the Dogs? 

Dogs can have bean sprouts because of the good nutritional benefits and high fiber. Beans are crunchy, just as dogs love to eat their food. Canines have a small intestine making it difficult to digest the food entirely within a short period. It is where bean sprouts are most beneficial as they are easy to digest even with a small digestive system. Bean sprouts help the dog maintain a healthy liver and kidney because they contain all the essential nutrients required. You can serve raw or cooked beans as preferred to your dogs but make sure it is easy for them to chew, so they don’t swallow the bean sprouts.

How are Bean Sprouts Bad for Dogs? 

It is true if you think your dog might feel sick after eating too many bean sprouts. Everything is good to an extent, and the same goes for bean sprouts. However, feeding bean sprouts might make your dog gassy and cause diarrhea if given continuously. To avoid this, make sure to feed your dog a small portion of it and keep switching it in the diet of your canine. Yes, it is possible that for some dogs, it might not suit, and some would not prefer to eat bean sprouts, so it’s up to you to pay attention to their liking and disliking for food.

Can Dogs Have Mung Bean Sprouts?

Mung beans are tasty and rich in iron, vitamin C, and fiber. And yes, your dog can have mung beans as well. Beans sure are healthy and can be given to your dogs in a fixed amount to decrease the chances of getting sick. Your dog will like the crunchy change in the diet. You can also give them raw beans in their food to improve digestion and immunity. Mung beans are rich in protein and will provide good benefits for your dog.

Do you Need to be Cautious While Feeding Sprouts to Your Dogs? 

You might think everything you eat is safe for your dog, but that might not be the case. For example, some fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, raisins, and avocados, must be avoided at all costs, and it might be fatal when fed to a dog, so one must be careful when feeding your dog. 

You can give them fruits and vegetables like watermelon, tomatoes, mangoes, blueberries, and raspberries.

How to Serve Bean Sprouts to Your Dog?

 You can serve bean sprouts with the following food – 

  • Meat – Meat is a good option because it takes time to digest, whereas beans get digested easily and can further add value to meat.
  • Rice – You can always feed your dog rice and add raw beans to it, which gives it a crunchy texture.
  • Cooked beans – It is good only once in a while, as it can make your dog gassy, except it would change the diet and be a great option.
  • Eggs – Make sure to give a boiled egg with sprouts as it will be a high protein diet. Beans should be in a small quantity with another balanced bowl.


There are many myths about a dog’s diet, one of which is that they can control their diet. Dogs cannot control their diet and need to be observed for their food intake, especially if your dog has medical complications. One thing that might help your dog is bean sprouts, and some major takeaway from it is –

  • Dogs can have mung bean sprouts or bean sprouts as a part of their meal.
  • Serve in moderation and a small amount to avoid sickness, gas, and diarrhea.
  • Ensure beans are adequately cooked and smashed if you serve them with eggs or rice.
  • Bean sprouts help improve digestion and immunity and help maintain a healthy liver and kidney in dogs.
  • They are rich in protein and fiber and must be used once a while, varying from 1-2 times a week.
  • Bean Sprouts are readily available, whether Mung bean sprouts or alfalfa.
  • Change their diet every once in a while to avoid boredom for your dog and provide a balanced nutritious diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sprouts safe for dogs?

Yes, sprouts are safe dogs if you’re feeding them plain and freshly cooked. They’re beneficial for your diabetic and overweight dog, but cook them properly and feed them in moderation. 

What kind of sprouts can dogs eat?

Here are some examples of sprouts that you can feed to your dogs: 

  • Alfalfa
  • Mung bean
  • Pea
  • Clover
  • Radish
  • Sunflower seeds

Are Brussels sprouts good for your dogs?

They’re a rich source of vitamin K and C, making them suitable for your dog’s bone health and immune system. Also, they are loaded with antioxidants and fibers that improve overall blood circulation and help reduce inflammation in dogs.

How many Brussel sprouts can a dog eat daily?

Start by feeding him ½-1 sprout in a day. If your dog doesn’t experience any health issues, you can raise the quantity but limit it to three per serving.

Will Brussel sprouts hurt your dogs?

Yes, Brussel sprouts can hurt your dogs if they overeat them. So, make sure to feed Brussel sprouts to your dogs in moderation.

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