Can Dogs Have Maple Syrup? – Is Honey Safe For Dogs? [Facts]

Maple syrup is a popularly used syrup in American households. It is an informal national condiment that is available on every breakfast table in America. Maple syrup can be added to pancakes, waffle ice creams, and other kinds of desserts. It is also added to breakfast cereals to enhance the taste. It is often used as an alternative to sugar because it is considered safe and more nutritional than sugar. This brings us to the question of can dog owners like you feed the dog maple syrup just because you want to experiment with it.

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Can Dogs Have Maple Syrup?

Dog scan consumes natural maple syrup in small amounts. If you use artificial maple syrup in your breakfast, keep it away from your dogs because they contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Many pet parents like to experiment with their dog’s food, and maple syrup is a popular addition to oats and dog food. Even though it makes your dog’s food interesting, we have research on our own to ensure that you make an informed decision. Read on!

What Does Maple Syrup Contain?

Traditional and natural maple syrup is extracted from the sap of sugar maple trees in Canada. Maple syrup typically contains sugar, some amount of riboflavin, zinc, calcium, amino acid, and manganese. Maple syrup is available in 19 different flavors across America.

Is Maple Syrup Safe For Dogs?

Natural maple syrup is definitely safe for dogs. However, it is not a food that they need in their everyday diets. Even though it is not harmful or toxic for dogs, it has zero to minimal nutritional benefits. Since the nutritional benefits are meagre, there is no reason to introduce your dog to maple syrup.

What Ingredients In Maple Syrup Can Harm My Dog?

Even though natural maple syrup is safe for dogs, some ingredients in the store-bought maple syrup have added sugar and preservatives. The following are the ingredients that could be toxic for your dog:

  • Corn syrup: Most store-bought maple syrups are unnatural and contain a high amount of corn syrup. Corn syrup contains complex fructose which is difficult for a dog’s body to break down. The high sugar content in artificial maple syrup can cause obesity and weight gain in dogs. It is also harmful to dogs with diabetes.
  • Preservatives: Artificial maple syrup contains preservatives that can upset your dog’s stomach and cause complex health problems for your dog.
  • Xylitol: To make these syrups sugar-free, xylitol is added to these artificial maple syrups. This ingredient can cause harmful side effects. It can also negatively affect the livers of dogs. Additionally, it could cause hypoglycemia and poisoning in some extreme cases. Some symptoms of xylitol poisoning are lethargy, vomiting, excessive thirst, and shaking.

How Can You Safely Serve Maple Syrup To Your Dog?

The safest way to feed your dog maple syrup is to sprinkle a small quantity on its food. Make sure you are using organic and natural maple syrup for your dog to ensure that they do not have any side effects. Do not feed your dog more than one tablespoon of maple syrup daily and only sometimes during the week. It can cause an upset stomach in your dog if overfed.

What Are The Effects Of Feeding Your Dog Maple Syrup?

Following are the symptoms you might see in your dog if you feed it, may syrup regularly.  

  • Frequent urination 
  • Dehydration 
  • Excessive thirst  
  • Lethargy 
  • Weight loss.

Does Your Dog Really Need Maple Syrup?

There is nothing in maple syrup that your dog needs. It is of low nutritional value and, therefore, unnecessary addition to your dog food. You can instead give your healthy dog treats like a few pieces of peace, beans, carrots, and other dog-friendly traits.

Aside from that, artificial maple syrup has a high-calorie rate and, therefore, can harm dogs. It can cause obesity, diabetes, and joint problems in dogs.

Are Dogs Allergic To Maple Syrup?

Dogs can be allergic to many things. However, there is nothing in maple syrup that is toxic for them if you use the natural variant. Your dog can experience some uncomfortable symptoms mentioned above if they overeat maple syrup. However, it is very uncommon for dogs to have allergies related to maple syrup. They can experience itching, vomiting, and diarrhea if they are allergic to maple syrup.


As a pet parents, we understand that you might want to experiment with your dog’s food. Therefore maple syrup or any other kind of sweet syrup is an unnecessary addition to the diet; however, if you want to feed your dog maple syrup, keep in mind the following:

  • Research shows that dogs don’t need sugar for energy. Instead, they break down carbohydrates for energy.
  • Instead of serving maple syrup in a considerable quantity, just sprinkle some of it on their food.
  • Maple syrup contains some sugar that is harmful to your dog.


Can Dogs Have Maple Syrup and Pancakes?

Even though maple syrup in its natural form is safe for dogs, pancakes might not be a safe bet. This is because pancakes contain flour, which is harmful to dogs. Also, if your dog has a gluten allergy, then you should definitely keep pancakes away from your dog.

Can Dogs Have Pure Maple Syrup?

Yes, dogs can have pure maple syrup. However, since artificial maple syrup contains artificial sweeteners and preservatives, it becomes a harmful food for dogs. Therefore if you trust a local grocery store with their quality of natural maple syrup, you can feed your dog maple syrup.

Can Dogs Have Pancakes With Maple Syrup?

No, dogs should not be fed pancakes as pancakes contain flour, which can harm dogs. In addition, many dogs have gluten allergies, which can be aggravated by consuming pancakes. Therefore keep away any kind of flower containing food from them.

Can Dogs Have Real Maple Syrup?

Yes, dogs can consume natural maple syrup. Since natural maple syrup will not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives, it will be safe for dogs. However, keep in mind that maple syrup has some sugar harmful to dogs; therefore, keep the serving in a moderate quantity.

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