Can Dogs Eat Grits? (Are They Safe?) – Read Before You Feed!

Grit croutons, grit soup, ice cream, grit dessert, grit porridge. America loves its grits too much. Most American households consume grits in sweet and savoury dishes. They are a widely popular breakfast which is a common misconception. We understand that as pet parents, you might get exhausted sometimes and want to give your dog friend something simple to cook. While grits are a healthy treat for humans, is it for dogs?

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Can Dogs Eat Grits?

To simply answer the question, yes, dogs can eat grits. However, just like any other human food, dogs should be given a moderate quantity of grits. To keep your dog safe, you should keep it away from packets of grits as they can fall sick after overeating them. Grits are a very easy-to-digest food, and dogs should not be kept away from grits. When feeding your dog grits, ensure that it is in small quantities.

What Are Grits?

Grits are coarsely ground corns boiled in water and cooked in butter. Grits are an excellent replacement for rice, oats, or polenta. It has the same amount of calcium and iron as oatmeal and rice. Most people prefer serving grits cooked in butter. Grits are a versatile meal that can become a dessert or a savoury dish.

What Are The Risks Of Feeding My Dog Grits?

Grits are made of corn. They should be avoided from being fed to dogs. One of the primary reasons for this is that many dogs are allergic to corn. Corn is also difficult to digest for dogs. Overfeeding grits can lead to multiple health issues in dogs, like weight problems and diarrhoea. Another problem with feeding your dog breeds is that they can choke on grits if they swallow too many pieces of it. 

If you are interested in feeding your dog grits, make sure you do so once a week after checking for any allergies in your dog. Most human foods, including grits, should be fed in moderation to dogs because grits are only empty calories. However, if you are tired, you can feed your dog a small number of cooked grits along with something that has protein, like meat and eggs. 

How Do I Check If My Dog Is Allergic To Grits?

Many times dogs are allergic to corn. Grits are derived from corns and could be a hazard for dogs. To check whether your dog is allergic to grits, you can give them a minimal quantity of cooked grits to see if they eat them. After eating, they should not experience symptoms like diarrhoea or indigestion. If your dog shows any symptoms, take them to a vet.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Feeding Grits To Dogs?

Grits can be an excellent alternate food for dogs. Even if the grits do not have essential nutrition for dogs, they can be fed grits once every week. Grits are rich in fibre and Vitamin B; therefore, many veterinarians suggest you feed your dog grits.

Can You Give Your Dog Dry Grits?

No, you should never serve your dog dry grits. Dry grits can be a choking hazard for dogs. Additionally, they will dehydrate your dog. Make sure to cook grits properly before feeding them to your dog! After serving your dog grits ensure that they have plent of water and are hydrated. 

How To Safely Feed Your Dog Grits?

  • Make sure that grits are cooked when you serve them to your dog.
  • Do not feed your dog grits right out of the box as they are dry and could be a choking hazard for your dog. Ensure you cook grits in water before serving them to your dog.
  • You can also soak grits overnight to feed your dog.

Remember that grits should be given to dogs only when you are tired or lazy. They cannot be a meal replacement for dogs as they are low in nutrition as needed by dogs. 


Given your dog does not have corn allergies, you can feed your dog grits on an occasional basis. Grits are derived from corns and are a moderately healthy snack for dogs. Like every other human food, grits should not be overfed to dogs. Keep in mind the following while feeling feeding your dog treats:

  •  Do not add any butter, syrup, cheese, sugar, or any other fat content to grits.
  •  Make sure that you check for any allergies in your dog before feeding them corn grits.
  • Ensure that grits are adequately cooked before serving to your dog, as they could be a choking hazard for them.


Can dogs eat grits with butter?

No, you should not feed your dog grits with butter. It is one of the safest ways to serve your dog treats. Butter adds to the fat content in grits and makes it an extremely unhealthy food for dogs. Since grits only provide empty calories and they should be avoided being fed to dogs with butter.

Can dogs eat grits or oatmeal?

You can feed your dog treats and oatmeal both. However, ensure that you keep both foods in moderation, as both foods are only rich in fiber and a few vitamins. It can never replace a dog’s kibble. Your dog needs a lot of protein, so these foods can not suffice.

Can dogs eat grits and eggs?

Many households eat grits and eggs for breakfast. You can give your dog both of these. Since eggs are a rich source of protein, adding them to grits makes it a healthy treat for dogs. However, make sure that grits are not made a habit for your dog. Since grits are made of corn, your dog might be allergic to them.

Can dogs eat cheese grits?

Cheese grits are unsuitable food for dogs as they are high in fat. However, if you want to feed your dog grits, you can cook them and sprinkle some cheese on your dog’s food. Make sure that cheese grits are not made a habit in your household for dogs.

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