Can Dogs Eat Pecan Pie? – How Much Pecan is Toxic to Dogs?

Did you just purchase a pecan pie slice and feel guilty about your canine friend waiting at home? You might have wondered often if your dog can eat this enjoyable and savory treat. Are pecans safe for my dog? Can it eat pecan pie? You are at the correct place to understand this in detail!

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Can Dogs Eat Pecan Pie?

No. Dogs should never be fed pecan pie. Overeating pecan could be fatal for many dogs. So while pecan pie is the most relished dessert in many American households, dog parents should not feed pecan pie to dogs. Read on to know why you shouldn’t feed your dog pecan pie:

What Is Pecan Pie?

Pecan pie is a baked dessert made of pecan nuts. The pie comprises a filling of butter, sugar, and eggs. The outer layer of the pie is loaded with pecan nuts, shells, and sugar syrup. It is a much-enjoyed dessert. 

Are Pecan Nuts Safe For My Dog?

You should try and keep pecan pies away from your canine friend. The reason for this is that it is high in calories and fat. Even though pecan pies do have some nutritional value, the dangers of feeding pecan pies to your dog are more significant than the benefits. Feeding pecan pies to dogs could also be fatal to them.

Pecan pies have a toxin called juglone which could cause severe neurological problems in dogs. While humans have the organs to digest the calories of pecan pies, dogs don’t. Additionally, many dogs are allergic to nuts and, therefore, should be kept away from pecan pies.

Pecan pies can be extremely dangerous for dogs and could be fatal in many cases. Besides the hazardous health issues, your four-legged friend could choke on the shells and the pecan nut pieces.

Furthermore, pecan pie contains a lot of butter and lard, which is unsuitable for your dog. This increases the fat and cholesterol content in dogs which could harm them. Also, many dogs are lactose intolerant and should be kept from butter. Additionally, pecan pie contains a lot of sugar, which could harm your dog.

What Happens If My Dog Ate Pecan Pie Accidentally?

Eating small pieces of pecan pie lying on the floor will not significantly affect your dog. However, if your dog has snuck a huge slice of pecan pie from your plate, it could be a matter of concern. Your dog could face symptoms like:

  • Excessive vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Blood in stool 
  • Problem in urinating
  • Yellow or pale eyes
  • Reddish urine 
  • Restlessness and loss of balance.

What Is In Pecan Pie That Is So Harmful To Dogs?

Pecan contains two highly toxic ingredients that could be fatal for dogs: juglone and aflatoxin. In addition, pecans tend to grow mold super fast. Both these toxins could cause seizures and neurological issues in dogs. While humans can easily digest pecan nuts, your canine friend might not be equipped to do so. As small as two pecans could be toxic for your dog and, therefore, should be kept away from them.

Additionally, pecan pie is loaded with sugar. It is common knowledge that sugar is highly unhealthy food for dogs. Just like human beings, dogs don’t require sugar to get energy. Dogs derive their energy from carbohydrates, so sugar is an unnecessary food for them. 

You should not feed dogs any kind of recipe for pecan nuts to your dog. 

Can I Give My Dog Pecan Nuts From The Tree?

Pecan nuts are harmful to dogs even if they are plucked from the trees. If your dog gets a hold of pecan nuts from the tree, the shell could be a choking hazard for dogs. Therefore, if you have a pecan tree growing around, make sure to fence it and keep your dog away from it.


You should add pecan pie to the ‘don’t feed your dog’ list. Pecan pie could be extremely dangerous and prove to be fatal in many cases for dogs. Many dogs choke on the shell of pecans, and pecan pie is loaded with them. So before dropping that pecan pie in your canine friend’s bowl, keep in mind:

  • It contains a considerable amount of white and brown sugar, which could give your dog painful symptoms. In addition, dogs do not digest sugar well and, therefore, should be kept away from it.
  • Pecan pie is loaded with butter which can cause cholesterol and heart-related issues in dogs. 
  • Pecan pie contains toxic substances like juglone and aflatoxin. Both these substances are formed due to the mold formation on pecans. Consuming pecans could be fatal for dogs because of these substances’ presence. 


How Many Pecans Are Bad For Dogs?

Your dog could start showing extreme symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea after having even two pecan nuts. Therefore, if you are a pet parent who loves eating pecans, ensure they are out of your dog’s reach. Do not feed them anything that contains pecan, not even pecan pie.

What Nuts Are Toxic To Dogs?

You should not feed your dog raw cashews, pistachios, black walnut, old and molding walnuts, macadamia nuts, or pecan nuts. All these nuts are highly toxic for your canine friend and should be kept away from their mouth. Also, ensure that these are not on the countertops or floor when you have bought these around.

What Kind Of Pie Is Safe For My Dog?

Ideally, we should not feed any kind of pied to your dog. This is because pies are loaded with sugar and fat. Both sugar and fat are incredibly hazardous to your pet’s health and should be kept away from them.

Can I Give My Dog Pecan Pie?

Since pecan pie is loaded with sugar, butter, and other unhealthy ingredients, you should keep it away from dogs. In addition, pecan pie adds no nutritional value to your dog’s diet, so you should avoid feeding it to your canine friend.

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