Is Canned Chicken Good For Dogs? – [Benefits & Drawbacks 2022]

Who doesn’t like deleting the stress of cooking from their lives? Canned chicken is one of the most readily available forms of chicken out there. It is convenient and can add an element of fun to your dog’s food. It doesn’t require cooking and can be served right out of the can. This brings us to our question, is canned chicken good for your dog?

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Is Canned Chicken Good For Dogs?

In moderation, yes! Canned chicken is an excellent addition to your dog’s otherwise dull meal time. However, even though it contains almost the same amount of protein and vitamins, canned chicken has a considerable amount of sodium. This can cause sodium poisoning in dogs. And therefore, it should be avoided as a regular meal. To make a more informed decision read on.

Can Canned Chicken Upset Your Dog’s Stomach?

Canned chicken is an excellent option for busy dog parents. It cuts out the cooking time for them! In addition, it has approximately the same amount of nutrition as raw chicken. However, because of the high sodium quantity serving canned chicken regularly to your dog is not a great option. 

Canned chicken does not upset your dog’s stomach. In fact, it elevates any symptoms of an upset stomach. It is easy to digest and contains minerals and protein that help your dog recover from stomach ailments. You can feed canned chicken with cooked rice to ensure your dog is healthy.

Is Canned Chicken Easy To Digest For Dogs?

Yes, canned chicken is easy to digest for dogs and is palatable. Your dog does not have to chew a lot on the pieces, and canned chicken is easy to swallow and digest. In addition, the canned chicken comes in a moist form which is hydrating for dogs. Your dog’s regular kibble is dry and coarse in texture. Canned chicken has more amino acids and nutrition than dog kibble, which aids digestion.

How Much Canned Chicken Can Your Serve To Your Dog?

Even though canned chicken is a healthy option for dogs, you should avoid feeding your dog canned chicken daily. You can feed your dog half a cup if it is a medium-sized dog and a 3/4th cup for a large dog. All the shelf food products can cause harmful side effects for dogs. Since canned food has a high amount of sodium, it is not a healthy option for your dog as a regular meal.

What Is The Safest Way To Serve Your Dog Canned Chicken?

The safest way to serve your dog canned chicken is after rinsing it. Rinsing canned chicken will eliminate sodium content, making it a healthy read for your dog. If you want to add to the nutritional benefits of canned chicken, you can add boiled or cooked rice. If you are feeding it to your dog as a meal, make sure you add some kind of carbohydrates.

Should You Cook Canned Chicken Before Serving It To Your Dog?

The best part about canned chicken is that it comes cooked. You do not have to heat or cook the canned chicken to serve to your dog. If you are running late or are tired, canned chicken is an excellent option to serve your dog.

Should You Add Canned Chicken To Your Dog’s Food Every Day?

Canned chicken should not be added to your dog’s meal every day. Its high sodium content can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive thirst in dogs. In addition, if fed regularly, it can be fatal for dogs. Therefore avoid feeding your dog canned chicken every day.

What Are The Advantages Of Canned Chicken?

There are certain advantages of feeding your dog canned chicken:

  • Easy to serve
  • Excellent source of protein, fat, vitamin, and minerals.
  • Easy to eat and digest.
  • Keeps your dog’s stomach full for a longer time.
  • No hassle of cooking.
  • Excellent source of zinc.

What Are The Healthy Alternatives To Canned Chicken?

Canned chicken is a very healthy option for your dog’s meal time. It is full of nutritional value and is convenient to serve. Unfortunately, to add to its shelf-life, many preservatives and sodium are added. Both these ingredients can be harmful to your dog. Therefore you should serve your dog healthier options like:

  1. Cooked or boiled gourds.
  2. Pumpkins
  3. Boiled or cooked rice
  4. Peanut butter
  5. Sweet potato, carrots, etc.


Canned chicken is an excellent addition to your dog’s meal. However, even though serving is convenient, it should not be made a habit. Keep in mind the following while serving your dog canned chicken:

  • First, it makes your dog’s otherwise bland food a little more palatable.
  • It has the same amount of nutrition that raw chicken does.
  • Third, it has a high amount of sodium which can lead to sodium toxicity in your dogs; therefore, it can’t be made a habit.
  • Make sure that if you feed your dog canned chicken more than twice within a week, wash it with water to get rid of excess sodium.


Is Canned Chicken Breast Good For Dogs?

Chicken breasts have the most protein as compared to parts like wings and thighs. Even though they are an excellent source of nutrition for dogs, the chicken breast should be avoided as a regular meal. Since canned chicken contains a lot of sodium, it could be harmful to your dog if said regularly.

Is Canned Chicken Broth Good For Dogs?

While chicken broth is an excellent addition to make your dog’s food tastier, the canned version is a little harmful to your dog. This is because it contains harmful ingredients like extra sodium and preservatives to add to its shelf life. Therefore, we do not suggest you serve canned chicken brought to your dog.

Is Canned Chicken In Water Good For Dogs?

You might have heard that washing or diluting canned chicken in water will make it less harmful. You can do so to make it a healthy treat for your dog; however, do not make canned chicken a habit for your dog.

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