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Dogs like to chew on bones, sticks, and anything else available as they explore the world. Dogs chew to accomplish various things. For a pup, it’s a way to relieve the pain caused by ingrown teeth. And older dogs chew objects to keep their jaws strong.

They chew for fun, stimulation, and to relieve anxiety.

Chewing is a normal dog behavior. No matter what it is, if you leave something out at the dog’s access, your dog will grab it and chew/ play with it. However, there are some items you must be aware of keeping away from your dogs, and baby wipes are one of them.

‘My dog ate baby wipe’ is one of the most searched queries over the internet. So, in this blog, we will be discussing a few steps that you must follow if your dog chews any toxic or dangerous products like baby wipes.

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Why Do Dog Owners Use Baby Wipes?

Why Do Dog Owners Use Baby Wipes?

Most dog owners use baby wipes to clean their dogs’ paws, coats, and noses. The wipes are convenient for cleaning your dogs quickly and efficiently, and that too without using water.

Giving a bath to your dog every day is not an option, so dog owners use baby wipes to clean their dogs.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Swallowed a Baby Wipe?

The wipes are not toxic for your dog if used externally. However, it can be dangerous for your dog to ingest a baby wipe. So, if your dog swallows a baby wipe, here are some steps you must follow:

Check your dog’s throat – Dogs usually hide objects at the back of their mouth or throat to prevent their owners from taking them. Carefully open your dog’s mouth and see if you find something. If you can see the wipe, try to extract it with your hand safely.

Look for distressed breathing signs – Be alert for your dog’s distressed breathing. If you find your dog choking, perform the Heimlich Maneuver on the dog immediately. Make sure to keep yourself prepared ahead of time. Also, don’t forget to call a vet.

Induce vomiting – In severe cases, you should immediately induce vomiting by giving hydrogen peroxide to your dog. Make sure you have a three percent hydrogen peroxide solution.

A higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide is dangerous for your dog and can lead to serious health issues.

The hydrogen peroxide recommended dosage is one teaspoon per 5 pounds of the dog’s body weight by mouth. The maximum dosage you can give to a dog who weighs over 45 pounds is three tablespoons.

Are Baby Wipes Dangerous For Your Dogs?

The answer is YES! Your canine can get sick due to the ingredients present in the wipes. The wipes for sensitive skin contain various components, including:

Are Baby Wipes Dangerous For Your Dogs?
  • Water
  • Moisturizing agents, such as glycerine, glycol, oil, silicones
  • Mild detergents
  • Fragrance
  • Preservative
  • Benzyl alcohol
  • Acetone
  • Benzaldehyde

These ingredients can lead to severe digestive tract issues or worse health conditions for your dog. So, if your dog has ingested a baby wipe that contains glycol, it’s best to be vigilant about getting the care your dog needs immediately.

Moreover, the wipe can get lodged in the intestine, leading to a potential medical condition known as bowel obstruction. The situation can become life-threatening for your dog if left untreated.

The problem severity depends on two factors:

(1) Dog’s size
(2) A number of wipes dog has swallowed.

Usually, a wipe passes through a dog’s digestive system within 24-48 hours, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on your dog for any choking signs.

Bowel Obstruction Symptoms In Dogs

Bowel Obstruction Symptoms In Dogs

In the case of medium- to large-sized dogs, one wipe could go through the digestive system without any problem. The baby wipe could come in the dog’s poo in a day. However, if your furry friend has swallowed more than one wipe, it could be enough to cause a bowel obstruction.

Your dog may show some of the following signs and symptoms if it has eaten baby wipes:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Weakness
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Abdominal swelling & pain
  • Vomiting

Swallowing a baby wipe can be a life-threatening emergency, so visit your vet immediately if your dog experiences any bowel obstruction symptoms.

There might be some chances that your furry friend might need emergency surgery to extract the baby wipe from its stomach. The vet may perform an endoscopic procedure to remove the wipe from your canine’s stomach in such a case.


We know accidents can happen with anyone; try not to panic if you see your dog choking on any object. Immediately call a vet and try to perform CPR/ Heimlich maneuver procedure on your dog until the veteran comes. Also, ensure that your dog can’t gain access to dangerous items in the future.

Make sure to store such items in places where your four-legged friend can’t access them. Also, we don’t suggest you use baby wipes for your dogs. The ingredients available in wipes can affect the pH levels of your dog’s skin, causing irritation, dryness, and flaky skin.

Frequently Asked Questions on – My Dog Ate a Baby Wipe, What should I Do?

What Are The Signs That Your Dog is Choking?

Most dogs display various signs when choking on something, including pawing at the mouth, coughing, distress, gagging or retching, salivation, rubbing their face against the ground, and more. If your canine shows any of these choking signs, try performing the Heimlich maneuver/CPR as soon as possible. Also, consult your vet immediately.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Baby Wipes on Your Dogs?

Baby wipes can disrupt the natural pH level of your dog’s skin, causing it to be more prone to itching, dryness, and vulnerability to infection. Overuse of harsh wipes can lead to vaginitis in dogs.

How To Perform the Heimlich Maneuver in Dogs?

Hold your dog on your lap and then turn it on its back. Now, apply pressure right beneath its rib cage with your palm. Push firmly inward and upwards five times in a thrusting motion. Now, roll back on your dog on its side and check its mouth for the object causing the choking.

What To Do Once Your Dog Stops Choking?

Even if you’ve managed to extract the object from your dog’s throat and it has stopped choking, make sure to call your veteran immediately. An object can cause severe damage to your dog, so consult your vet.

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