Why Does My Dog Sleep With His Butt Towards Me?Explained

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to find your dog’s buttocks a few inches away from your face?

Although this may be an annoying occurrence, it is natural. So you’re not alone in wondering, “Why does my dog sleep with his but towards me?”

There might be numerous reasons why your dog is acting this way. Let’s have a look to understand the fundamental notion.

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What Are The Reasons Behind My Dog Sleeping With His Butt Towards Me?

The main reason dogs sleep with their backs to their owners is that they love and trust you. This resting posture also offers your pet a sense of security since he knows you’ve “actually” got his back.

In fact, some dogs may display this behavior to brand you with their smell. Here are some of the reasons why your dog is sleeping with his buttocks toward you:


Your dog will express his affection for you in various ways, one of which is sleeping with his butt facing you. Feral canines lying on their backs the outdoors are more vulnerable to assaults.

So, if your canine companion is sleeping calmly, revealing his vulnerable side, he obviously thinks highly of you and isn’t afraid you’ll damage him!


Your dog may sleep in this posture because it is more comfortable for him. He can sleep on his side, back, or stomach. In any event, he’s sleeping with his bum facing you since it’s the quickest and most straightforward method for him to fall asleep. If he’s sleeping in your bed, it’s most likely for the warmth.

Preventing Eye Contact:

If a dog is shy, he will most likely sleep with his back to you so that your eyes do not meet. This does not always imply a bad connotation. Your dog still needs time to get to know you and adjust.

This is specifically true if you have a rescue pet that has been mistreated or abused. It’s best to give your pet as much time and space as he needs to warm up to you.


Yup! Dogs are not only loyal, but they are also fiercely protective of their owners. It’s your dog’s way of protecting and keeping an eye on you while he sleeps with his bum facing you. He wants to repay you for the love and devotion you lavish on him regularly.

Should I be concerned if my Dog Does Not Sleep With His Buttocks on my Face?

There might be numerous reasons why your dog may refuse to sleep with bum facing you. Your dog may give you countless hugs one day and then choose to ignore you the next.

Your dogs have emotions and physical needs, and they act on instinct. Some breeds require more stretching than others, which might be challenging to perform when resting next to another.

Dogs, like people, require diversity in their lives. They will not return to their old habits simply because they have changed their resting spot. A day apart, you may have them returning for additional petting and attention the next day.

How to Make Your Dog Stop Sleeping Facing Away From You?

You can cuddle them to sleep near you if you don’t want them to be apart from you. They try to make you feel safe by keeping their fangs away from you and facing you with their back to you. Because dogs express their love and adoration through their rear end, there isn’t much you can do about it.

It won’t be easy to educate your dog not to sleep facing away from you because it is their natural tendency. More stroking and pampering may assist you in bringing your dog closer to you. Giving your pets extra cuddling and head massages will bring them closer to you.

Is it Feasible to Train Your Dog to Sleep With Its Bum Facing a Different Direction?

Is Your Dog Sleeping With Its Bum in Your Face Every Night?

You can train your dog not to poke its butt in your face with some patience and empathy. The trick is to discover why they are acting in this manner in the first place.

Their rear legs are towards your head for safety reasons. It would help if you kept this in mind while educating your dog to sleep in a different direction. However, most dogs in deep slumber will feel protected if their behind is toward the wall.

Hugging the pup as they fall asleep is one of the finest ways to get your dog to lie so that its bum isn’t facing you. Dogs will feel more at ease if they are caressed and offered attention, allowing them to sleep in a different posture. This will also allow your dog to nap while being protected.

Why Do Dogs Always Take Your Place When You Get Up?

Stealing your seat is a gesture of devotion for most dogs. They’re stealing a location that conveys warmth and comfort by stepping into your space. Because your fragrance is known and secure, your dog automatically understands that any area you’ve visited is likely to be familiar and safe.

This is why dogs want to sleep on our beds, automobiles, furniture, and even our laps. Those are the locations we live, spend the most time in, and will return to time and again.

Dogs are incredibly bright creatures that quickly catch up on their owners’ habits and routines. They are familiar with the areas of the house that you frequent. Sitting in your location also serves to guard the area. They’re keeping an eye out for you and waiting for you to return to that place.

When a dog understands you’ll give him food and shelter, he’ll put all his devotion and faith in you and follow you about.


Many dog owners were unaware that their pets slept with their backs to them as a symbol of trust. The dog feels that if they are in danger, their people will defend them. As a result, they are more likely to enter REM sleep when their backs are supported.

Dogs may appear to you to have odd behaviors, but there is always a rationale for them. Dogs, for example, sleep better when their backs are not exposed, which is why they are known to aim their tail at the person they trust the most. They may also feel confident pointing their buttocks at the wall in a comfortable situation.

FAQ: Why Does My Dog Sleep With His Butt Towards Me ?

Do Dogs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

No, dogs do not sleep with their eyes shut. However, you may notice your dog’s eyes moving around behind their eyelids, giving the impression that they are open. Furthermore, to dream, dogs and other animals, including humans, must enter a deep slumber known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. When the eyelids totally close, we may move through vivid dreamland.

Why Does My Dog Bury His Face in my Chest?

Your dog might be attempting to show affection, generate a sense of security, or find a comfortable resting posture. They may bury their heads in you out of love or to follow your direction.

Your dog may also cover his head while he sleeps since he feels insecure at this time. This is true for dogs that sleep quietly and those who adopt unusual sleeping postures, such as hiding their heads under blankets.

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