Can Dogs Eat Gourds? – Are Pumpkins & Gourds Safe For Dogs?

For many pet parents experimenting with their dog’s food is their favorite pastime. With the increase in popularity, gourds are available in many households now. It is a fiber-rich vegetable and is very healthy. So, do dogs like to eat gourds, and can they eat gourds?

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Can Dogs Eat Gourds?

Well, if not allergic, your dog can eat most types of gourds. A few types of gourds are absolutely safe for your dog. Not only safe, but gourds are also very nutritious for your dog and are not toxic. It is one of those foods which can be consumed by your dog quickly. To make a more informed decision, read on:

Can Puppies Eat Gourds?

Even though gourds are safe for dogs, you should avoid feeding them to your growing pup. A growing puppy should only be fed essential nutrition prescribed to them to ensure healthy growth. If you are interested in introducing a new flavor to your pup, you can give some pieces of gourds to it. Ensure that your puppy is over 3 months old when you introduce gourds in their feed.

Are Gourds Safe For Dogs? If Yes, Which Kind?

Here is a list of gourds that are safe for your dog:

  • Bitter gourd 
  • Ash gourds
  • Ivy gourds 
  • Sponge gourds 
  • Bottle gourd
  • Snake gourds

What Gourds Are Toxic For Dogs?

You should not serve your dog Gooseneck and Apple gourds as they are poisonous to them. These gourds are only for decoration. Keep any kind of ornamental gourds away from your dog as they are infused with harmful chemicals to make them look beautiful and last for a longer time.

Are Gourds Nutritional For Dogs?

Gourds are enriched with 

  • High fiber
  • Vitamin C
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties, etc

They are an excellent addition to your dog’s food because of the qualities mentioned above. In addition, your dog requires a certain amount of fiber to ensure that its digestive system is healthy and its bowel movement is smooth. You can introduce gourds to their meal to ensure this.

What Are The Symptoms That My Dog Ate The Wrong Kind Of Gourds?

Even though most gourds are safe for your dog’s consumption, some species of gourds should be avoided. If you have a garden that has various species of gourds, please try to keep your dog away from it. You will observe the following symptoms in your dog if they eat the toxic kind of gourds.

  1. Diarrhea: Your dog will face diarrhea in case it overeats gourds.
  2. Digestive Issues: Your dog can have an upset stomach from eating too many gourds. The sharp edges of gourds could tear their intestine lining.
  3. Low Blood Sugar Level: Overeating gourds can lead to low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. You can gauge the symptoms of hypoglycemia by seeing a change in behavior, seizure, or temporary blindness in dogs.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Has Too Many Gourds?

The first thing to do if you feel that your dog has consumed too many gourds is to quickly see which kind of gourds is in their mouth. Even if this means tackling them hand prying the piece of gourds out of their mouth. You should definitely see the type of gourds that they eat. After this, you decide whether or not the gourd was from the toxic gourds list. Secondly, rush it to a vet, where they will flush your dog’s stomach.

If you have a vegetable garden with gourds growing, try fencing it and keep your dogs out of it. In case of decoration season like Halloween, try to keep your dog indoors and as far as away as possible.

Observe your dog for any symptoms that we mentioned above and decide whether you want to take your dog to a vet or not.

How Can I Serve Gourds To My Dog Safely?

You can cook gourds to make them safe for consumption for your dog. However, since your dog needs a protein-rich diet, you should ensure that gourds don’t make up more than one-third of their meal. Here are some tips for safely cooking gourds:

  1. Blanch: Cut small pieces of gourds, immerse them in boiling water, and pull them out instantly. Dip these in cold water right away. Since your dog cannot eat raw gourds, this is one of the safest and healthiest methods to wash away all the dirt from the gourds and feed it to the dog.
  2. Boil: Even though this method rips the gourds of their nutritional value, it is another safe way to cook gourds for your dog. Boil selected gourds for 15 to 16 minutes. Let it cool down before serving it to your dog.
  3. Steam: The steaming method is the only way to ensure that the gourds’ nutritional value is not ripped from them. You can feed your dog steamed gourds as a healthy treat.
  4. Raw: Even though this is not a recommended method, many pet parents find it convenient to chop gourds into small pieces and feed them to the dogs as treats. Remember to keep the pieces tiny so that the sharp edges of gourds don’t cut your dog’s intestine.


Gourds are enriched with minerals and vitamins and are very beneficial for your dog’s organs. You can mix gourds with other vegetables if your dog doesn’t like eating them. Dogs can safely eat gourds. A few reasons to choose gourds are: a

  • They are a cheap alternative for dog treats.
  • Your dog might like a new change in their food.
  • Gourds are nutritional in nature and excellent for your dog’s physical health.
  • The high fibre content helps your dog’s bowel movement. 


Can Dogs Eat Raw Gourds? 

Only Certain Gourds Are Suitable For Your Dogs To eat raw. Gourds like bitter gourds, ash gourds, ivy gourds, ridge gourds, and sponge gourds are the safest gourds that your dog can eat.

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Gourds? 

Yes, dogs can safely eat pumpkin or raw pumpkin. Pumpkin contains important micronutrients essential for your dog’s health; therefore, they should be included in your dog’s feed.

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkins And Gourds?

Pumpkins and chords are among the most nutritionally high foods your dog can have. If you are a vegetarian, your dog can immensely benefit from both these vegetables. Pumpkins and gourds are rich in micronutrients which are essential for your dog’s overall physical health.

Can Dogs Eat Decorative Gourds?

You should not feed your dog decorative gourds as they are grown for the purpose of decoration only. In addition, many artificial ingredients are used to produce these gourds that can cause an upset stomach in your dogs.

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